Prof. Dr. Klaus Kümmerer

Leuphana Universität Lüneburg



Prof. Dr. Klaus Kümmerer is full Professor of Sustainable Chemistry and Material Resources at the public Leuphana University. His research and teaching is focused on Sustainable Chemistry, Sustainable Pharmacy, Material Resources and aquatic environmental chemistry including the benign by design concept. For his work on pharmaceuticals in the environment he received the Recipharm International Environment Award (Sweden, 2007). In 2015 he was awarded the "Wasser-Ressourcenpreis" of the Rüdiger Kurt Bode-Stiftung Germany within the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft for his outstanding work on the Benign by Design concept and protection of water resources.

He maintains a worldwide network of scientific and other co-operations. He is founding editor of Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, Current Opinion in Sustainable Chemistry) and associate editor of Chemosphere and Environmental Pollution. Professor Kümmerer is member of numerous national and international commissions and committees, e. g. the Commission for Water Research of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), representative of the German Chemical Society in the management board of the EU Technology platform SusChem Europe and in the Executive Board of the subdivision of Sustainable Chemistry in the German Chemical Society. He regularly acts as reviewer for national and international funding institutions. He published more than 200 articles in peer reviewed scientific journal and (co) edited several books, among them „Pharmaceuticals in the Environment", Springer 3rd edition which is still the standard book in the field. He received his "Dr. rer. nat." from the University of Tübingen. At the same time he completed further training at the German Institute for Remote Education in „Ecology and its biological basis". He then worked as coordinator in the chemical department of the Institute of Applied Ecology (Öko-Institut) at Freiburg. As a Visiting Professor he was at the Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH, USA). At the Department of Environmental Health Sciences of the University Medical Center Freiburg he led the section for applied environmental research as Professor for Environmental Hygiene and Environmental Chemistry before he joined Leuphana University. At that time he was one of the first scientists worldwide studying pharmaceuticals in the environment which is nowadays still a hot topic of environmental research. Based on this he was then interested in a sustainable solution for this problem which lead him to sustainable chemistry.

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