Sustainability and financial services

The financing and insuring of new technologies and infrastructures are central pillars of a “Green Economy”. It involves providing long-term secured financial resources for innovations, businesses, business models, large-scale projects and infrastructures in the cleantech sector. Additionally financing and investment decisions are determining how sustainably production and consumption evolve in traditional industries, since financial service providers such as credit institutions, investors and insurers generally play a key role in the economy as a whole in their function as providers of capital and even insurers. Sustainable forms of energy supply, energy and resource efficiency, climate protection and adaptation to changes in climate, together with investment and infrastructures which protect biodiversity or use ecosystem services in an environmentally safe and socially compatible way, are of major importance.

It is here that the very different players in the economy, political officeholders and interest groups come into conflict. They are characterised by different ambitions, added value models, business cultures, time horizons, risk profiles, rate of return expectations, refinancing options and regulatory frames of reference. Their interests should be coordinated and – bearing in mind the uncertainty following the financial crisis – be accompanied by broader dialogue between civil societies. To develop innovative solutions and at the same time provide information, transparency and acceptance, requires dialogue with the industries and players in the financial economy as well as relevant sectors in the real economy, state decision-makers such as local communities and authorities and not least civil society "stakeholders".

The primary objective is to firmly embed sustainability aspects and criteria in the regular decision-making, business processes and markets of the financial economy. The BMBF can promote this dialogue and support it by providing information to aid decisions

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