Sustainable mobility systems

In the past few years traffic flows in Germany – particularly goods traffic – have risen tremendously; a trend that according to current forecasts looks set to continue in the future. The challenge for a Green Economy is to find areas where traffic can be avoided or at least can be so arranged as to make it more environmentally compatible.

The increase in goods traffic is primarily attributed to a reduction in the extent of vertical manufacturing, meaning that businesses are increasingly acquiring precursor products from domestic and foreign suppliers. Increased online shopping is also an important factor in the transport of goods in urban areas.

For years the dominant factor regarding personal transport, has been private transport, which accounts for some 80%, the majority of which – around 35% – is leisure-related, followed by business traffic at around 20% (Sustainable Development in Germany, Indicator Report 2014; Federal Statistical Office 2014). This subject will see close involvement of other departments.

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